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Last of a Dying Breed

by Patrick Ogbeide

In an age when music is accessible to anyone with an Ethernet cable and a pair of earphones, radio has struggled to keep up with the vastness of the internet. Through online streaming, radio stations have...



Album Review: Mt. Desolation

Album | Alternative-Country | 49 Mins. Brought to you by Dan Grau of WITR Mt. Desolation, the side project of Keane members Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin, does not deliver the indie...


WITR Requests Funds for Studio X

by Madeleine Villavicencio

WITR came before Student Government (SG) March 18 to request a contribution of funds towards the planning and construction of its new studio. If approved, the funds would help cover the architectural drawing...

Distorter 2010


WITR Goes AM - No One Notices

Note: This story appeared in our April Fools Distorter issue and is for comedic value only. by Margaret Thatcher WITR (pronounced Twitter, minus the “T”), RIT’s student-run radio...



FAIL:02.12.10: WITR

Our newly renovated SAU companion gets the hit this week. It was difficult to overlook the glaring error in the pronunciation end of this organization’s re-branding movement. The station is making a solid...



WITR Programming Changes To Be Implemented, Despite Controversy

by Laura Mandanas

“We kind of lost control of the situation when somebody found the minutes from the September 27 [executive board] meeting. At that point, we were no longer in control of how this went,” described WITR’s...


WITR Mired in Controversy

by Viktor Nagornyy

“This is a movement to protect WITR from itself.” So says the description of the Facebook group “Modern Music No More: Save WITR.” WITR has been undergoing major changes since the new executive board (e-board)...



Video: Slow Flow Lets Go

by Eric Drummond



Jaythreeoh Hangs Up the Mic

by Eric Drummond

“So, like what are you going to do? What do you mean you’re not going to have anybody else? You can’t just stay on? You’ve got to figure out something. We need it. I can’t be at work and not hear the show...

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