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Drinks and Meals: The Ultimate Spice

by Ryan Evans

Wine aficionado André Simon once wrote, “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” This is still true for us today. More and more people are being converted...



From Scare To Share: Boxed Wine

by Ryan Evans

Boxed wine. Wait! Don’t skip ahead to the next article, you’re going to want to see this. Yes, I did indeed say the two words that seem to have become a mantra of bad quality in the wine world: boxed wine...



Wine Tasting: Savor

by Ryan Evans

The last and fifth “S” is to savor the wine. Once you have really rolled that wine around in your mouth, swallow it. This part is called “the finish” and is what you experience after you have swallowed the...


Wine Tasting: Decanting

by Ryan Evans

I’ve come to believe that one of the reasons why it’s hard for people to make the leap from white wine to red wine are the tannins. The color of the juice in a grape always starts out clear and then gets its...



Wine Tasting: Smell

by Ryan Evans

Smelling wine is one of the few experiences where people stick their entire nose in the glass in an attempt to “enjoy” the beverage. But what exactly are you smelling? What is bouquet and aroma? I just...



Wine Tasting: Not Just About Getting Wasted

by Ryan Evans

Sight. The first “S” in the five “S’s” of wine tasting is sight. For fledgling winos, sight may not seem worthy of being included, but it has its benefits. A lot can be said from looking at a glass of...

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