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Game Review: "Catherine"

by Amanda Imperial

An average man living an average life, Vincent Brooks is a character who is easy to relate to. He even has average relationship struggles with his long-time girlfriend Katherine — a mature, career-driven adult...



Game Review:Dance Central

by Danielle Delp

Video Game | Harmonix Music Systems | $49.99 Rating: Dig It! Dancing video games have come quite a way from the old days of “Dance Dance Revolution,” as shown by “Dance Central” for the Xbox 360. The game...


Game Review: Dead Space 2

by Brendan Cahill

Rating: Dig it! Isaac Clarke is not a happy camper. Three years after he stopped the gruesome necromorph infestation of the USG Ishimura, he woke up in a straightjacket. His reward for saving humanity?...



Review: F.E.A.R. 2

by Chukwuma Morah

Rating: Rent It Platforms: 360, PS3, PC Developer/Publisher: Monolith Production/Warner Bros. Price: $60 If Call of Duty and The Ring had babies,...



Review: Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360

by Chukwuma Morah

Rock Band, everyone’s favorite karaoke on steroids, is back on Xbox 360 with its cleverly named sequel Rock Band 2 (RB2). Is it fun? Damn right it is. It’s got...



But Is It Smashing?

by Chester Kwan

For many, the release of Nintendo’s latest blockbuster game Super Smash Bros. Brawl on March 9 was the perfect end to Spring Break. Chester Kwan looks back at the Smash Bros. brand from...

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