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Three Stars: Matt Marion

by Michael Roppolo

The weekend of March 11 — 12 found Matt Marion in Columbus, Ohio, running the pentathlon in the 2011 NCAA Indoor Track National Championships. His final score of 3,452 points earned him the ninth in the...


Three Stars: Carlissa Cole

by Michelle Spoto

“I’ve been on the field since I was a baby,” says Carlissa Cole, a pitcher for the RIT softball team and fourth year Imaging and Photographic Technology major. With a grandfather in the Western New York...


Three Stars: Mike Marsillo

by Tom Sciotto

It’s often said baseball is boring. People cite long games with the occasional 10-second burst of activity, but they’re missing the wonderful nuances of the sport. It’s a game of patience and strategy dictated...



3 Stars: Zach Miller

by Jeff McKinzie

Fifth year Mechanical Engineering major Zach Miller was in the fourth grade when he knew for the first time that he wanted to run. As a kid from Lancaster, Penn., he ran a halfmile race in gym class and never...


3 Stars: Jessica Schaffer

by Michelle Spoto

It’s mid-morning when I sit down with Jessica Schaffer, a sixth year Chemical Engineering major with a fifth year status. It’s her easy-going personality that keeps the conversation flowing. She seems lively,...


3 Stars: Jake Yates

by Ali Coladonato

Jake Yates, a fifth year Mechanical Engineering major, has played soccer ever since he was six years old. Coming to RIT, he knew he wasn’t ready to stop playing yet. “I remember the visit and everything. I...



Three Stars: Geoff Dornes

by Dan Lovria

Geoff Dornes, a fourth year Packaging Science major, picked up a bat and ball during the third grade and hasn’t looked back since. The Lancaster, Pa. native has a natural gift of excellent hand-eye...


Three Stars: Eileen Hennigan

by Alex Rogala

In recent years, the RIT Women’s Lacrosse Team has been growing and evolving into a full-fledged winning machine. Last year, the team even made it to the Empire 8 Finals — a first in RIT history. Although...



Dan Ringwald

by Madeleine Villavicencio

The score was tied 5-5 in the final period with seconds left on the clock. The Tigers were rallying after a 4-1 deficit early in the second period. Tension was high as the sea of orange and brown rose to their...

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