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Preview: Guys and Dolls

by Danielle Delp

“Guys and Dolls” premiered on Broadway in 1950 and is largely considered one of the greatest musicals of all time. The show tells the story of a diverse group of gamblers, missionaries and blue-collar workers...



Theater Review: Vignettes of the Deaf Character

by Derrick Behm

Deaf Culture | NTID Theatre “Silently, below each story is the essence of the Deaf experience that becomes ... a snapshot of the deaf character,” expressed director Aaron Kelstone about the “Vignettes of...


Review: The Vagina Monologues

by Stephen Leljedal

Rating: DIG IT. As a socially stunted male whose major requires him to commit approximately 75 percent of all his time in front of a computer, I certainly am not the kind of person who would know any...



Little Shop of Horrors

by Stephen Leljedal

After the recent mini-crisis concerning RIT’s decision to ban future showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Halloween, it seemed like it was the end of relatively obscure...


Review: Mamma Mia!

by Alecia Crawford

When the keyboard started to play its ABBA medley, hearts started pounding with excitement, mouths began lip-syncing to the instrumentals, and toes began tapping to the pulse of the music. It wasn’t ABBA the...



All In This Together

by Joe McLaughlin

Most students will be surprised to hear that RIT has a nationally recognized theater program. NTID Performing Arts has placed 95 students in professional theater, and approximately half (between 500 and...


Broadway Reaching Out To Younger Audiences

by John Howard

Legally Blonde, the musical? What ever happened to Fiddler on the Roof? The musicals coming out on Broadway these days are becoming less and less traditional. The...

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