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That Guy: Remembering Nelson Cole

by Alex Rogala

As summer ends and school once again begins, students will return to campus to start another academic year. Friends will reunite, and the chaos of college life will begin again. But for many, a familiar face —...



That Guy: Ben Isserlis

by Liz Shaw

Name, Major, Year? Ben Isserlis, first year Computer Science major. Where are you from originally? Around Syracuse. I’ve lived in Manlius (which is south of Syracuse) since I was five. So what’s with...



That Guy: Josh Horn

by Liz Shaw

This past week, you may have noticed any of the 175 RIT students wearing “I agree with Josh” t-shirts around campus. Meet Josh. Name, Major, Year? Joshua Horn, fourth year Bioinformatics major and the...



That Guy: James McNabb

by Liz Shaw

Name, Major, Year? James McNabb, fourth year Woodworking and Furniture Design major. How did you get into that? Well, I kind of struggled in high school with my academics but strived in the arts; so I...



That Professor: William Middleton

by Liz Shaw

How did you wind up at RIT? I am primarily an archaeologist. I also teach Cultural Anthropology, but that is something I do mainly because in the United States, archeology is considered a subfield of...

Distorter 08


That Toaster

by Liz Shaw

Note: This story appeared in our April Fools Distorter issue and is for comedic value only. How would you describe yourself? I’m a toaster. What brought you to RIT? Well, I was...



That Guy: Arion Doerr

by Liz Shaw

Name, year, major? Arion Doerr. I’m a fourth year Advertising Photo major. How do you like RIT so far? Well, I feel like I’m finally getting into my groove, just in time to graduate this...

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