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3 Stars: Dan Holowaty

by Christina Belisle

Soccer is a sport with a massive following around the globe — except the U.S. Here it has to compete in a world of baseball, (American) football and — most noticeable at RIT — hockey. But that doesn’t stop...



Men's Soccer Wins 1-0

by Ali Coladonato

It was a dark and stormy afternoon on Wednesday, October 26, as RIT’s men’s soccer team took on the Ithaca College Bombers in their last home game of the season. Claws out from the beginning, the Tigers...



Women's Soccer Falls 0-1 to No. 2 Ranked Herons

by Jeff McKinzie

Defense wins games. It might be a cliché in sports, but it’s a cliché that holds true. At least it did when the nation’s number two-ranked team took on the RIT women’s soccer team on October 5. The William...



Women's Soccer Falls to Cross-Town Rochester

by Evan Williams

The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, Georgia and Georgia Tech, Texas and Texas Tech; the list goes on and on. There’s just something about the rivalry between Universities and Tech schools that share...



Tigers Tackle Mustangs

by Evan Williams

Gray should be an official color on any RIT sports jersey for teams that play outside. Wednesday, Sept 7 found the Men’s soccer team (currently 2-1 on the season) facing off against the SUNY Morrisville...



Fall Sports Preview

by Jeff McKinzie

It’s the start of a new school year and that means the start of a new athletic season. This year, RIT sports should be nothing short of stellar as 21 of RIT’s 24 athletic teams make the switch from the Empire...



3 Stars: Jake Yates

by Ali Coladonato

Jake Yates, a fifth year Mechanical Engineering major, has played soccer ever since he was six years old. Coming to RIT, he knew he wasn’t ready to stop playing yet. “I remember the visit and everything. I...



Women's Soccer Versus Nazareth

by Stefano Sansone

“We thought it would be a battle. They’re one of our rivals.” Those words, coming from midfielder Jackie Jacobson, a second year industrial design major, summed up the hopes of the entire Women’s Soccer team...



¡Viva Fútbol!

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Rowdy crowds. Flags waving. Painted faces. And long journeys across the globe. All in support of your team. Soccer isn’t a sport; it’s a religion. Just ask the RIT Men’s Soccer team, who...

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