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Beyond the Bricks

by Evan Williams

Neuroscientists at the University of California at Berkley have found a way to isolate visual activity in the human brain and reconstruct it as a form of video that could be used to record dreams. According to...



Dr. Esther M. Conwell: Conductive Properties of DNA

by Danielle Delp

As part of the Caroline Werner Gannet Project to attract innovators in art, science, and technology, RIT hosted Dr. Esther Conwell for a presentation on her research into the conductive properties of DNA...



Sophia Maggelakis Named COS Dean

by Alex Rogala

On March 26, Sophia Maggelakis was named dean of the College of Science. Former head of RIT’s School of Mathematical Sciences, Maggelakis takes the position after having spent nearly a year in the position of...



PZ Myers Offends First, Reasons Later

by Joe McLaughlin

Editor’s note: The author is Grand Knight of the RIT Knights of Columbus Council, #14336. The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of the...



Mad Science

by Joe Featherall

Rochester Institute of Technology. It’s a name that often understates a trade school that has grown to a comprehensive university. In 1829, RIT was founded to train specialized workers, feeding the demand for...

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Designing Your Future

by Harold Kalpa

Earlier this year, the University College London announced the birth of a healthy baby girl. What made this child special was, despite her genetic history, she was “breast cancer-free.” The mother in...


Darwin's Unnatural Selection

by Harold Kalpa

In 1839, Charles Darwin embarked on what would become a reason for his research: He married his own cousin. At the time, Emma Wedgwood was not the typical young newlywed. She had already received several...



Bill Nye at Brick City

by Alecia Crawford

Last Saturday, students, parents, faculty, and alumni alike packed the Gordon Field House to witness an hour long presentation from an eccentric man in a bow tie. The mood outside was gloomy for all those shut...



Tech Commentary: Phobia does not Compute

by Elvis Montero

On September 10, 2008, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), arguably one of the most complex human-made artifacts ever assembled, was switched on for the first time. Designed and built by the European...

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