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Coffee Wars on Campus

by Carolyn Dunne

Construction is ubiquitous around the RIT campus. From the buzz around the budding Global Village behind Crossroads to the four-story heaven being raised in place of the old Woodward Memorial Pool, this past...



Video: Farewell to the Woodward

by Oscar Durand

John Buckholtz, the first RIT swim team coach, bids farewell to the Edith Woodward Memorial Pool now being demolished. You can also read about this.



Farewell to the Woodward

by Andy Rees

Jackhammers pounded away at the concrete walls of the pool. The sound echoed in the cavernous pool house as the tiling was methodically chipped away. Above, from the stands where fans used to cheer on...


SG Updates

by Geoffrey H. Bliss

During the opening session of Speak to the Senate, where students are given the opportunity to voice their opinions to Student Government (SG), three students who live at Park Point (including third year...

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