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Orientation Issue


Getting Into The Arts

by Emily Bogle

Just because RIT is a technical institute does not mean you have to focus only on your chosen profession or major. Being involved in the arts is an opportunity to exercise another part of your brain, meet new...


Freezefest Talent Show

by Evan Williams

In the world of live performance, there are few arenas as unforgiving as the infamous talent show. Taking the stage in front of an audience, who came to see a friend or loved one and is either waiting for them...



Much Ado About Nothing

by Evan Williams

Dig It Shakespeare. The very name brings to mind the most iconic stories ever spun on stage, his works a right of passage for starry-eyed young thespians everywhere. Whether you love him, hate him or slept...



Little Shop of Horrors

by Stephen Leljedal

After the recent mini-crisis concerning RIT’s decision to ban future showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Halloween, it seemed like it was the end of relatively obscure...

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