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Game Review:Dance Central

by Danielle Delp

Video Game | Harmonix Music Systems | $49.99 Rating: Dig It! Dancing video games have come quite a way from the old days of “Dance Dance Revolution,” as shown by “Dance Central” for the Xbox 360. The game...



Book Review:“Delusions of Gender” by Cordelia Fine

by Michelle Spoto

Book | Non-Fiction | 338 Pages Rating: Dig It! In her book, "Delusions of Gender," Cordelia Fine looks at the real reasons behind the differences between men and women. And, surprisingly, these have less...



Review: Casa Moreno

by Matt Herrington

Mexican | $6 - $14 entrees | 200 Park Point Drive Rating: SKIP IT! Casa Moreno is a fresh face among the restaurants that adorn the first floor of Park Point buildings 100 and 200. Sporting a Mexican...



Album Review: Streetlight Manifesto

by Kyle Hugo

With horns blaring, Streetlight Manifesto returns to give us “99 Songs of Revolution,” a collection of covers from artists that have influenced Streetlight Manifesto’s musical past, including Radiohead, Paul...


Album Review: Wiz Khalifa

by Michael Conti

The cover of “Kush & Orange Juice” says many things about Wiz Khalifa, a young rapper hailing from Pittsburgh, P.A. It is essentially David Ruffin’s cover of the 1980 album “Gentleman Ruffin”, featuring the...



Beverage Review: Bakon Vodka

by Tom Sciotto

Beverage | Vodka | $29.99 for 750 mL If you’ve been searching for a liquor that embodies the American dream of binge drinking while feasting on a high cholesterol diet, then your pals at...



Artist Review: Pomplamoose

by James Arn

Pomplamoose is not your typical indie band. Oh you’ve heard that one before? Well, this time it’s for real. Seriously. The group, comprised solely of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, have performed a grand total of...



Album Review: One Life Stand - Hot Chip

by Alexander Pagliaro

As a first time Hot Chip listener, I went into this album with zero expectations. Hype has been growing for this band, and with their latest album release a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to find out...

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