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Book Review: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

by Stephanie Beach

After eight years of work, Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” is the fourth and final book in the “Eragon” series. It revolves around Eragon, a country boy turned dragon rider, and his quest to overthrow an...


Board Game Review: Quelf

by Adam Watts

There are two kinds of board games. The first is the strategic kind, where deep thought, timely backstabbing and clever tactics rule the day. These games often take many hours to play, involve expansive...

Album Review: "On Blonde" by Black Pussy

by Vasia Ivanov

Before you even think it: no, Black Pussy is not the name of a crunk rapper. Yes, all of the crunk rappers are kicking themselves because they didn’t think of that name first. In actuality, Black Pussy is...



Book Review: "Stealing Faces" by Michael Prescott

by Danielle Delp

Novel | Horror | 544 pages. Rating: DIG IT! Dr. John Cray believes that a person’s persona is nothing more than a “mask” that can be worn away in the presence of mortal danger. To...


Game Review: "Limbo" by Playdead

by Amanda Imperial

Game | Puzzle Platformer | $9.99 Rating: DIG IT! Few games truly stand out in their uniqueness and originality these days. It seems that, lately gamers spend time replaying the same...



Album Review: "Crash of Cassini" by Magnuson

by James Arn

Album | Alternative Rock | 46 Mins. Rating: meh... “Crash of Cassini” is the debut album of the Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Magnuson. The group is comprised of Greg and...



Upcoming Releases

by Danielle Delp

Spring is always a big time for new video game releases, and 2011 is no exception. Some of the most anticipated games for this year are “Portal 2,” “Mortal Kombat,” and “Duke Nukem Forever.” All three of these...



Game Review: Duke Nukem 3D

by Brett Slabaugh

Retro Video Game | 3D Realms | $5.99 Rating: Dig It! Duke Nukem is the original bad boy of gaming. Long before “Grand Theft Auto” started raising controversy over its ethically ambiguous gameplay, the Duke...



Movie Review:Battle: Los Angeles

by Brendan Cahill

Movie | Science Fiction | 116 Minutes Rating: Skip It!

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