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Research Takes Flight on a Column of Light

by Christina Belisle

Though the lab looks bare, nestled in the basement of the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (CAR, 76) is something microscopic that’s very big. So big, in fact, that the results could enable space...



Preserving Virtual Worlds

by Leanne Cushing

In the past, people took the most significant parts of their lives: photographs, jewelry or music, put them in a capsule, and buried them. Eventually, this capsule would be dug up and act as a snapshot into...



Mad Science

by Joe Featherall

Rochester Institute of Technology. It’s a name that often understates a trade school that has grown to a comprehensive university. In 1829, RIT was founded to train specialized workers, feeding the demand for...



Bird Banding at RIT

by Veena Chatti

“Aieeee! Mmimmblewhimble,” seems to accurately describe the scream-turned-whimpering noise I made. I couldn’t scream, but I badly needed to. “Please let go, let go...

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