Tag: Relationships



Date Night Examined

by Leanne Cushing

With contributions by Michael Barbato. To many, relationships at RIT are nonexistent. Once in a while you’ll see a couple cozied up in Java Wally’s or walking down the Quarter Mile...


Addiction in Relationships

by Caitlin Shapiro

Like an earthquake, addictions arise with little warning, and can be just as destructive. While addicts become paralyzed by their cravings, their loved ones are consumed with fear, anger and frustration...


Reviews: Online Shopping for Couples

by Leanne Cushing

With the holidays upon us, it’s that time of the year to buy friends and family presents. And that special someone is probably hoping for more than a kiss under the mistletoe. Speaking from experience, it can...



The Difficulties of Distance

by Evan Stark

It’s just about fall again — the leaves are changing, the campus is alive with the insurgence of a new freshman class, and the last echoes of the lamentations of the newly-separated are just dying out...

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