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Crime Watch: September 2011

by Ali Coladonato

Tuesday 13 Colony Manor Drive. 2:30 p.m. Students stole a BB gun from another student. The case was referred to the Office of Student Conduct. Saturday 17 Frank Ritter Ice Arena (RIA, 02). Between 7:54...



Team Reviews Troubling Student Behavior

by Chris Zubak-Skees

One Friday in February 2010, a dean at Pima Community College (PCC) called the campus police to report a disturbing classroom performance by a student. The student had reacted strangely to the reading of a...

Brick Beat: Student Streams Public Safety Chatter

by Robert Shook

While making a routine of listening to Public Safety’s radio communications may not sound exciting, those who do are sometimes privy to dramatic events unfolding on campus. “I was scanning when someone...



Protecting & Serving

by Brendan Cahill

Wayne Southerland has been with RIT since many of us were toddlers. Today, he’s a Shift Supervisor with Public Safety, but his 19 year career had quite the humble start. Back in late 1991, Southerland was...



Infographic: Reported Offences at RIT

by Kelvin Patterson

Click for larger image. A look at crime statistics from Public Safety.

Crime Light

by Ory Ballenger

A dark figure walks between cars, a hood obscures his face. As he passes, he tries door handles but finds them all locked. After a few cars, the door opens. Jackpot! He swiftly grabs...

Orientation 09


Student Conduct Process

by Kimberly Reeb

With contributions by Andy Rees. Surviving RIT’s rigorous freshman course load is a challenge unto itself, and crossing paths with the Student Conduct Office (SCO) is probably not an...



Grand Theft Auto: Brick City

by Margaret Barlow

For the second time this year, a car has been stolen from the RIT campus. According to the media crime report, the incident happened sometime on October 2 while the vehicle was parked in the Perkins Green...


Car Crime Spree Hits Campus

by Margaret Barlow

Within the past few weeks, several cars in parking lots around campus have been broken into, resulting in damages and stolen property in most cases and outright auto theft in one case. No arrests have been...

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