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The Psychology of Michael Scott

by Jesse Hanus

Michael Scott is a co-manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company on NBC’s comedy “The Office.” Currently in its sixth season, over seven million viewers tune in every week because they simply cannot wait to watch...



Kleptomania: Why do we steal?

by Michael Barbato

It is remarkable that a simple network of grey goo, neurons, governs our behavior and stores the whole of our experience. Just an eight pound mesh of fiber and signals allow us to decide right from wrong...




by Andy Rees

The ride home from work is the worst part. It’s been a rough night, just like every night. As you pull into the driveway, you can picture the half empty whiskey bottle on your desk, waiting for you. Inside,...



Taking Perfectionism to the Next Level

by Chukwuma Morah

I believe my first encounter with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was while watching Desperate Housewives. No, it wasn’t that I couldn’t leave my room without watching an episode; it...


Living with ADHD

by Danielle Gotschall

In our society, it’s easier by far to admit you’re an alcoholic than to admit you have a psychological disorder. You can remain anonymous in a support group or pull a Lohan and garner more attention than...


Shy or Socially Anxious?

by Caitlin Shapiro

Many can identify with having social anxieties, such as with public speaking or talking to that certain someone. For some, however, those apprehensions are intensified to the point where just hanging out with...

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