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SG Update: 09.30.2011

by Amanda Imperial

During the senate meeting Friday, September 23, Randy Vercauteren, director of Parking, Transportation and Building Services and Adam Petzold, manager of Parking Special Events, discussed statistics and...



Parking Office Gears Up For Fall

by Michael Conti

Walk into the Parking and Transportation office and you’ll get the idea that there are some changes in the works. Phones are ringing, students are filing in and out, and meetings are being held concerning...



Grand Theft Auto: Brick City

by Margaret Barlow

For the second time this year, a car has been stolen from the RIT campus. According to the media crime report, the incident happened sometime on October 2 while the vehicle was parked in the Perkins Green...


Car Crime Spree Hits Campus

by Margaret Barlow

Within the past few weeks, several cars in parking lots around campus have been broken into, resulting in damages and stolen property in most cases and outright auto theft in one case. No arrests have been...


SG Updates

by Geoffrey H. Bliss

During the opening session of Speak to the Senate, where students are given the opportunity to voice their opinions to Student Government (SG), three students who live at Park Point (including third year...


Students Rally at Park Point

by Andy Rees

“Let’s storm the Parking Office!" shouted a voice from the crowd. Over 100 residents gathered on Tuesday, September 9 in the courtyard of Park Point’s shopping center to air grievances and...


Parking Regulations Tighten Up

by Andy Rees

New parking regulations, which took effect September 1st, come as the result of the increased demand for parking. These guidelines, first mentioned at the Parking and Transportation Services’ (PATS) strategy...

Orientation 08

Parking: How to Find the Sweet Spot

by Casey Dehlinger

So, you’ve decided to bring your car to RIT and leave your carbon footprint all over campus. You may have peeked at the Parking and Transportation Services’ website and noticed that they’re a little...



Parking Redesign

by Andy Rees

On April 14th and 15th, Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) held open focus groups presenting proposals made for improvements to parking and transportation on campus. The focus groups were held in...

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