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Forecast 12.03.10

by Michelle Spoto

December 3 “A Christmas Carol” Geva Theater, 75 Woodbury Blvd. 7:30 pm. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. Start early with this wonderful rendition of the classic...



Word on the Street

by Robert Shook

What’s your favorite zombie flick?




by Kyle Hugo

There’s a trend sweeping movie theaters nationwide. In addition to buying a ticket and a bag of popcorn, people are getting special spectacles to undergo an eye-popping experience. With the release of James...



On the Set of Second Story Man

by Andy Rees

On a dark stretch of road just outside of downtown Brockport, a small bar called The Ridge House is illuminated by high intensity HMI lights. In the parking lot of the pub, a ragtag film crew prepares for one...


The Michael Cera Syndrome

by Emily Bogle

Have you ever said something completely awkward while making a strange gesture just because you liked someone? You get that rush of anxiety that this person hates you and you swear off love forever, even as...



“Avatar’s” Gonna Win the Golden Globes Anyways

by John Howard

As you’re reading this, James Cameron is crossing the T’s of his acceptance speeches for the Golden Globe awards. He’s up for four: “Best Director,” “Best Motion Picture,” “Best Original Score,” and “Best...



Hollywood: Turning Treasures into Trash

by Alecia Crawford

Getting inspiration from pop culture past and present is one thing — in fact, it’s clever when the reference is understood — but to pick up an old film, dust it off, put Brangelina in it and...


Movie Madness

by Adrian Yablin, Maximiliano Herrera

Dropping a twenty for a ticket at the theaters these days will make anyone feel robbed. Revenge is the only solution, and the only way to get even is through movie madness (otherwise known as four movies...

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