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Letters to the Editor

Note: Opinions expressed in Letters to the Editor are solely those of the author. Reporter reserves the right to edit submissions on the basis of content, length, grammar, spelling, and style...


Letters To The Editor

Dear Reporter, To start off, I’d just like to let you know that I appreciate the amount of work you put into Reporter on top of your other obligations both scholarly and social. However, I really feel like...



Letters to the Editor

Dear Reporter, How does the #1 man and the #2 man on campus treat man #6,000? It’s with dignity, respect and humility. My name is Adel Henen, an Egyptian immigrant. I am an old man, but I am new here at RIT,...


Letters to the Editor

Dear Reporter, After reading through Evan Stark’s “The Difficulties of Distance” article in the latest issue of the Reporter, my fiancé Summer and I felt the need to share our own...


Letters to the Editor

Dear Reporter, I’ve always found it funny how you can be so proud of something, yet at the same time, you can be utterly disappointed. It’s a strange feeling, almost like being hot and...


Letters to the Editor

DEAR REPORTER, Administration and the student body have complained for some time that RIT has no school spirit. It has been debated about why this is. Is it because of the quarter system? Are students...


Letters to the Editor

DEAR REPORTER, I have one word for your February 13, 2009 editorial regarding extracurricular activities — AMEN! It’s what made RIT meaningful for me when I was a student, and continues for me today with...


Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note: The “Worker Rights Consortium” article appearing in the January 30 issue of Reporter was written by Leah Andrews before reading James Fisher’s letter to the editor (January 23 issue). Andrews...


Letters to the Editor

DEAR REPORTER, I would like to clear up some inaccuracies that were contained in the Views article written by Maximiliano Herrera. Mr. Herrera states that there are brands of clothing in...

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