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At Your Leisure

by Alex Rogala

When it was originally invented in 1856, cardboard was used to line the inside of hats. In 2006, the U.S. Army introduced Flat Daddies, life-sized cardboard cutouts of deployed National Guard members...


At Your Leisure

by Alex Rogala

In August 1990, while preparing for the first Gulf War, the U.S. Army bought 25,000 bottles of sunscreen, lotion, lip balm, and bug spray from a Hinesville, Georgia Kmart. Up until 1994, the Swiss Army kept...


Accidental Inventions: When “Oops” Leads to “Eureka!”

by Alex Rogala

In 1945, Percy Spencer was touring the facilities of the Raytheon Company, a U.S. defense contractor. He was studying radar at the time and paused for a minute in front of a magnetron, a device used as an...



At Your Leisure

by Alex Rogala

Late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd was an avid Shakespeare fan, quoting all 37 of the renowned playwright’s works at least once during his Senate career. Lockheed Martin CEO Robert J. Stevens was paid...



Walking the Webbing: Slacklining At RIT

by Leanne Cushing

Sitting outside around campus, it’s impossible to ignore the bevy of tight-rope walkers on the Greek Lawn and Infinity Quad. A craze sweeping college campuses worldwide, slacklining is a balancing sport that...


Food Review: Mo’s Bacon Chocolate-chip Pancake Mix

by Kyle Hugo

Anyone who was here for Jim Gaffigan’s routine at last year’s Brick City Homecoming is familiar with the man’s passion for bacon. He even makes the claim that any food can be improved by the addition of bacon:...



How Your Tech Ticks

by Eryc Duhart

Stop reading this article for a second and take a look around you. A majority of your colleagues are probably texting on their cell phones, blasting music on iPods (or an equivalent portable media player), or...


Album Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the Devil’s Tattoo

by Kyle Hugo

Spring has arrived — that time of year where the weather changes and Rochester wakes up, and shakes off the monotony of winter. The snow melts away as trees and flowers start to bud; everyday things become a...

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