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Cooperative Education Helps RIT Graduates

by Tia Long

Job placement after college graduation was not great during the recession. But according to Dr. Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, a professor of economics, it is slowly rising. “It’s improving, but not by a lot. It...

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Snagging the Job

by Ali Coladonato

College is expensive, shockingly expensive. Nevermind that looming $100,000+ bill you’ll face in a few years — what about all the textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils and flash drives you need now? Coupled with...

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In the Future, We'll all be Unemployed

by Chris Zubak-Skees

On the House floor last month, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. told us who and what to blame for millions of unemployed Americans: Steve Jobs; the iPad. Borders went bankrupt and closed bookstores, in part because...



A Graduate's Guide to the Recession

by Jess Kopitz

It’s true: Now is probably the worst year to graduate and enter the job market since 1933. Unemployment rates are rising as the stock market is falling and college graduates are stuck in between, juggling...



Get a Job

by Andy Rees

Whether you need to put gas in your car or repay a debt to a Colombian syndicate, the easiest (and most legal) way to earn money is to get a job. Since you’re already attending RIT and probably coming...

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