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Long Distance with Maroon 5

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Early last September, word of a secret concert at RIT had emerged. By Sept. 10, following the official tour announcement, the College Activities Board revealed that Maroon 5 will be performing at the Gordon...



Twenty Minutes with Girl Talk

by Jessica Kopitz

Anyone who saw Girl Talk’s show on Saturday night knows just how energetic and lively his shows are. But, very few people know the man behind the stage name. Gregg Gillis is a 27-year-old college graduate from...



Interview with a Bills Fan

by Chris Valites

Mark Lammerhirt is a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder. He currently lives in South Buffalo. Reporter: Since Ralph Wilson [owner of the Buffalo Bills] is so old in age, are you worried...



Loving Sports Like a Girl

by Carolyn Dunne

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Brockport, Margo Clements has been at RIT with the Ritter Ice Rink since August 2007. Her past experience includes working...



Yung Joc and Cartel

by Madeleine Villavicencio

On September 20, RIT hosted the Crocs Next Step Campus Tour as part of CAB’s Major Concert Series. The show featured Cartel (a pop-punk emo band), Yung Joc (a rapper), and MC Lars (who seems to fall...

People Of Note


Dr. Barry Culhane

by John Howard

Position » Executive Assistant to the President, Imagine RIT Chair Reason for Nomination » Chaired the Imagine RIT Innovation and Creativity Festival. Has contributed greatly to...


Lisa Bodenstedt

by Michael Barbato

Position » FYE Instructor Reason for Nomination » Arguably the most popular FYE instructor on campus, she has developed a weekend Art History study hall, and has used...


Aditya Manjrekar

by Andy Rees

Position » President of Global Union Year and Major » Third year, Industrial and Systems Engineering Reason for Nomination » As President of Global Union this past...


Craig Ceremuga

by Alecia Crawford

Position » General Manager, WITR Year and Major » Fourth year, Information Technology Reason for Nomination » Organized WITR’s $38,000 upgrade, making it the...

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