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Chasing Innovation

by Brett Slabaugh

Every year, Spike TV holds its Video Game Awards, a ceremony that has become the Oscars of gaming. The most prestigious award, of course, is the Game of the Year title. Past recipients include “Red Dead...



Slideshow: Scenes from Imagine RIT

In case you didn’t get to see everything.


Editor's Note: My Innovative Mixtape

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Every few weeks or so, I abandon the “shuffle play all” function on my MP3 player, turn off Genius on iTunes, and make a playlist. I spend hours listening to track after track, trimming down the set list and...



Word on the Street

by Alexis Lambrou

What is the most innovative thing you’ve ever done?


Programming Binge

by Michael Barbato

Since the earthquake in Haiti, many people have organized events to aid disaster relief in their own special way. On February 12, a group of computer programmers came together in support of Haiti relief...



Editor's Note: Innovation Festival

by Laura Mandanas

I hope you all left your dorm rooms this past weekend. The Innovation Festival (see “Institute Hosts Imagine RIT”) was actually really cool. If, by chance, you happened to miss the festival, here are some...

Institute Hosts Imagine RIT

by Andy Rees

On Saturday, May 3rd, people of all ages swarmed to RIT’s campus to attend Imagine RIT, the inaugural “innovation and creativity festival.” The festival, coinciding with the traditional Spring...



The Innovation Squad

by Geoffrey H. Bliss

Recently, you may have noticed a group of students in navy blue jump suits walking around the Quarter Mile in spray-painted gas masks, yelling random words out of megaphones, playing the violin, standing...



Imagine RIT

by Madeleine Villavicencio, John Howard

On May 3, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., innovation will take over the RIT campus. Thanks to the Innovation Festival’s major sponsor, Paetec, left and right brain thinkers will gather for RIT’s first (and soon...

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