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Infographic: Winter Quarter Weather

by Chris Zubak-Skees

Ever wonder which winter month's weather will be the worst? Judging by Reporter's tally of the last three years the answer is all of them. Which month will be worse?



Infographic: Brewing Process

(http://www.howtobrew.com/intro.html) How does a delicious beer get made?



Infographic: RIT on Social Networking Sites

by Emily Bogle, Jack Reickel

Click to enlarge. All information as of 11/02/09.

Minority Report


Infographic: Fall 2008 Undergraduate Students

by Caitlin Shapiro, Kelvin Patterson

The undergraduate population gets broken down by ethnicity.



Infographic: Reported Offences at RIT

by Kelvin Patterson

Click for larger image. A look at crime statistics from Public Safety.



Infographic: Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S.

compiled by Andy Rees, info graphic by Kelvin Patterson Click to enlarge. According to the Government Accountability Office, married couples receive 1,138...



Infographic: Energy Drink Market

by Kelvin Patterson

With a 65 percent share of the energy drink market, Red Bull certainly has done their research. After doing a little of our own, Reporter found some interesting facts you might like to...



Infographic: When Water Won’t Work

by Emily Mohlmann

Stains; they happen to everyone, and they’re usually followed by frantic scrubbing, washing, and crazy antics just to get a piece of clothing back to pristine condition. But what happens when that stain just...



Infographic: SG Presidential Election Results

Source: http://sg.rit.edu/vote

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