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Health Courses at RIT

by Danielle Delp

It’s no secret that staying fit and healthy in college is a challenge. Finding time to work out or cook healthy meals can be difficult with the constant pressure of class and work. Fortunately, RIT has many...



Combating the Freshman Fifteen

by Ali Coladonato

We’ve all been warned of the rapidness of college weight gain, citing unhealthy food options, eating meals irregularly and at odd hours, and the tendency to reach for a Mountain Dew and a bag of chips to fuel...

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Informed Dining at RIT

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

Roughly one-third of all American children are considered obese, and two-thirds of all adults are overweight. America has held the title as the world’s fattest country for a while now, and though the rest of...



Caffeine and Health

by Alex Rogala

His friends should have seen it coming. Last November, Michael Lee Bedford was at a party in Mansfield, England, when they saw the 23-year-old swallow two teaspoons of white powder. Minutes later Bedford...



Team Reviews Troubling Student Behavior

by Chris Zubak-Skees

One Friday in February 2010, a dean at Pima Community College (PCC) called the campus police to report a disturbing classroom performance by a student. The student had reacted strangely to the reading of a...


Health Care Reform To Impact Students

by Laura Mandanas

After many long months of debate, the struggle in Congress has come to an end. On March 23, President Obama signed the historic health care reform bill into law. The legislation brings about changes with...



FAIL: 01.15.10

This week’s FAIL is awarded to Taco Bell for its pitiful (and possibly sarcastic) rebranding effort: Everyone’s favorite diarrhea onset is now a weight loss solution. The fast food chain recently launched...



Holistic Medicine: Just for the Hippies?

by James Arn

Western society has a fascination with modern medical science; we have become so utterly obsessed with the attempt to find and sell the latest miracle drugs that we have forgotten how young that object of our...


Changes Ahead for College Students and Health Insurance

by Laura Mandanas

In the United States, medical bills cause 60 percent of all bankruptcies. Worse, premiums are rising faster than both wages and inflation, and they show no sign of slowing. Though college students may...

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