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Game Review: "Limbo" by Playdead

by Amanda Imperial

Game | Puzzle Platformer | $9.99 Rating: DIG IT! Few games truly stand out in their uniqueness and originality these days. It seems that, lately gamers spend time replaying the same...



Review: "World of Warcraft: Cataclysm"

by Brett Slabaugh

Game | PC | $39.99 Rating: DIG IT! Back in 2004, Blizzard Entertainment released its massively-multiplayer online behemoth of a game, “World of Warcraft.” Six years later, the poster child of online...


Review: "Gran Turismo 5"

by Brendan Cahill

Game | Racing | $59 Rating: Dig it! For car-loving PlayStation 3 owners, Nov. 24 marked an important date: the release of “Gran Turismo 5.” After numerous delays instigated by a director known for his...



Video Game Preview: Fall 2010

by Amanda Imperial

There is a plethora of games anticipated to make a booming impact this fall. Ask any dedicated gamer, and they will tell you they’ve pre-ordered games like “Fallout: New Vegas” and “Gran Turismo 5.” Looking...


"Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock"

by Steven Markowitz

Rating: Skip it! With “Warriors of Rock,” the sixth installment in the popular “Guitar Hero” franchise, developers Neversoft have tried to revive the music game genre with a new story-driven career mode...



Game Review: Avatar

by Stephen Leljedal

PlayStation 3 | Ubisoft | $59.99 If you follow any entertainment news at all, then you’ve no doubt heard of “Avatar,” the epic-sized, CGI-gasmic revamp of the sci-fi movie genre by James Cameron. Yes, the...



Picture the Impossible

by Jesse Hanus

A new alternate reality game has RIT students stepping away from their computer screens and out into the community. “Picture the Impossible,” a partnership between RIT and the...

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