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Chickpea's Grassroots

by Evan Williams

Bob Lawton, a part-time sixth year Computer Science major, and Cara Livermore are the creators of Chickpea — a new magazine centered on vegan culture. Chickpea is already up online and will soon have printed...



The Local Food Movement

by David Keith Gasser

“Fresh, local, organic, healthy. That’s the idea.” Sociology professor Dr. Vincent Serravallo seems to smile in satisfaction as he discusses his experience with food co-ops and locally grown food. Local...

The Love Issue


Love Potions

by Emily Mohlmann

Aphrodisiacs — foods, herbs or aromas said to enhance sex drive and performance — have been around for centuries. The term comes from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. The first aphrodisiac that...



Cantina and Grille Opens at Global Village

by James Arn

Amidst the continuing construction at Global Village, RIT’s newest eatery opened its doors early last week. In keeping with the international theme of Global Village, the cantina and grille offers selections...

Food Issue


Editor's Note: More Than a Hearty Meal

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Last summer, while vacationing in Cape Cod, Mass. for the July Fourth weekend, my aunt, two cousins, cousin-in-law, sister, sister’s friend and I, had a very serious discussion. The topic? “If you had to give...


Future of RIT Dining Services

by Evan Williams

Sometimes it pays to have a few more cooks in the kitchen. At least, that is the approach Patty Spinelli, executive director of Dining Services, took when she began retooling the internal structure of the...


Microwave Throwdown: Bagel Pizza Edition

by James Arn, Brendan Cahill

The Challenge Create two different styles of bagel pizzas using only ingredients found in the Corner Store and cooked using only a microwave. One pizza must be a classic style pizza, composed of red sauce,...


Eat This Not That

by Emily Mohlmann

Your stomach is growling. You’re hungry, and you just want to eat. You order the first thing that sounds good to your roaring stomach. But do you stop and think of how many calories or grams of artery clogging...


Being Vegan

by Leanne Cushing

Einstein once said, “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Looking around today, Einstein would be proud. In the...

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