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The Ruins of the Right Trails

by Derrick Behm

The Right Trails have been demolished. FMS razed them on October 2, leaving ugly blotches of brown mud where handcrafted mounds had once lay. However, from their ruins rises a new beginning. Passionate bikers,...



Green Awareness in a “Culture of Waste”

by Michael Conti

It’s 10 a.m. on a Friday morning and chances are you’re either in class or catching up on some needed rest. But last Friday morning, April 24, about a dozen students in total were spending their early hours...

Orientation 08


Freshmen Who Made a Difference

by Rohit Garg, Andy Rees

by Rohit Garg Last year, freshman Business Management major Tyler Stewart worked as Recycling Administrator for Facilities Management Services (FMS). He worked with FMS and Food Services and made many...



FMS Conducts Annual Waste Audit

by Adam Botzenhart

On April 22, Facilities Management Services (FMS) conducted their annual waste audit on the Quarter Mile, opposite the Eastman Kodak Quad. “The goals of this year’s waste audit were two-fold,” said FMS...



The Expressive Elevator

by Susan Cook

Graffiti is all over our campus. It may be cute and clever, or it may be vile, uncomfortable, and crude. It could inform you that “The cake is a lie,” or it could cause you to chuckle (“Anime: satiating...

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