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Money Makers: The College Driver

by Michelle Spoto

I don’t exactly consider myself particularly internet savvy, but I can navigate through The College Driver website with ease. With its clean and bright colors, simple layout and striking pictures, it makes a...



Entrepreneurship in Action

by Madeleine Villavicencio

If you haven’t already noticed, RIT takes pride in its rigorous academic curriculum and its ass-whipping quarterly system; but what really sets RIT apart from most higher education institutions is its...



Mosaically Speaking

by Michael Conti

“It’s a lot fun to be an entrepreneur.” Smiling unflinchingly, fifth year Computer Science student Seong Yup Yoo leaned forward in his conference chair, registering in between good humor and quiet intensity. ...




Found on the 2nd floor of Wallace Lirary - A tag by Jakob Lodwick, former RIT student and co-founder of Vimeo and CollegeHumor.com. This past summer, the “internet millionaire” gained some unwanted attention...



RIT Grads Enter IM Business

by Elizabeth Bennett

A team of RIT graduates has produced a new instant messenger client called digsby that they soon hope to launch as a commercial product. Steve Shapiro, an Information Technology graduate and a...

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