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In Mayor's Race, An RIT Professor

by Chris Zubak-Skees

In a packed conference room in the downtown Rochester Radisson, a former three-term mayor, Bill Johnson, addressed the party faithful. “Fellow Democrats, today I ask you to support my candidacy for mayor,” his...



News Desk 11.12.10

by Christina Belisle, David Keith Gasser, Amanda Imperial

NTID Chooses New President The search is over. After a year and 18 candidates, the National Technical Institute of the Deaf has a new president. Gerard Buckley will assume the role of the 1,500 plus student...



Infographic: SG Presidential Election Results

Source: http://sg.rit.edu/vote



Editor's Note

by Andy Rees

By the time you read this, it’ll all be over. Every year, for two weeks in spring, Student Government (SG) holds their elections. For the most part, it’s an under-publicized, under-attended affair. The votes...


Educators Unite To Support Bill Ayers

by Alyssa Kenny

In response to the hostility resulting from allegations about Bill Ayers’ past and his connection to Barack Obama, over 3800 educators have joined together in the Support Bill Ayers Petition. It has been...



Go Out and Vote

by Chris Zubak-Skees

I paid ten dollars just to vote. No, the cause wasn’t some arcane poll tax, or anything quite so outrageous. I simply received my absentee ballot two weeks before Election Day and discovered I had no stamps...


KGCoE Dean Responds to SG Bias Allegation

by Joe McLaughlin

Dr. Harvey Palmer, Dean of the College of Engineering, said that he apologized to one candidate for an e-mail sent to all engineering students endorsing Student Government (SG) presidential candidate Ed Wolf...



Deyhim: “SG screwed up.”

by Joe McLaughlin

Michael Deyhim, former candidate for Student Government President, claimed voting irregularities seriously hurt his election bid. “SG screwed up,” he said. “After all the money and time I spent, [SG is...

SG Weekly Update

by Geoffrey H. Bliss

The election results for Student Government are in after the polls opened on April 14th, finally closing on April 18th. There was a total of 3,369 voters. Ed Wolf/Matt Danna won the SG Presidency with a...

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