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News Desk 11.12.10

by Christina Belisle, David Keith Gasser, Amanda Imperial

NTID Chooses New President The search is over. After a year and 18 candidates, the National Technical Institute of the Deaf has a new president. Gerard Buckley will assume the role of the 1,500 plus student...



Dorm Challenge Fallout

by Caitlin Shapiro

Last winter, the Dorm Challenge invited 21 administrators to experience RIT dorm life first hand. Mary-Beth Cooper, vice president for Student Affairs; Howard Ward, assistant vice president for Housing...


SG Update

by Alecia Crawford

Kevin Gustina of the Students Behind Labor Union Alliance came before the Senate with another member to inform the Senate about their efforts of bringing a labor union to RIT, as well as to gain support from...



Editor's Note: Gimmicked Out

by Laura Mandanas

If you haven’t heard yet, Dr. Destler didn’t dye his hair orange at the halftime of the men’s basketball game last Sunday. He didn’t even dye half. Not enough people showed up to the game. While some blame...


Housing Challenge

by Caitlin Shapiro

RIT students living in the dorms have complained that conditions are cramped, loud and frustrating. In response to these complaints, Student Government (SG) has posed a challenge to the RIT administration...


SG Updates

by Geoffrey H. Bliss

During the opening session of Speak to the Senate, where students are given the opportunity to voice their opinions to Student Government (SG), three students who live at Park Point (including third year...

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