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Alan Hurwitz Retirement Tribute and Reception

by Derrick Behm

“I don’t call this a retirement but a redirection for Vicki [his wife] and I — a new chapter in our lives,” shared RIT Vice President and NTID President Alan Hurwitz during his retirement tribute at...


Brick Beat: NTID Searches for President

by Justin Claire

After 40 years of dedicated service to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Alan Hurwitz is leaving. The current president of NTID was one of four finalists to become the next president of Gallaudet...



Marlee Matlin

by Kimberly Reeb

These past few weeks you may have seen a poster announcing Marlee Matlin’s appearance at RIT. Maybe the one you saw had a mustache drawn on it, or maybe you haven’t seen one at all, since someone ripped them...


RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend 2009

by David Spiecker

Derrick Behm also contributed to this article. Imagine a daylong competition where 36 different sports are played, all of this an accumulation of more than thirty years of rivalry...



Deaf Rochester Film Festival ’09

by Derrick Behm

While parents and potential students toured the RIT campus one sunny weekend, as students — feeling a rush of spring fever — sunbathed and played frisbee, hundreds of Deaf people from all over the...



Not Just Twins, but Deaf Too

by David Spiecker

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Jena and Barbara Bush, even the Weasley twins — we’ve always held a fascination with twins. Our interest in them goes a long way back. Twins have even turned up in mythology: In...


NTID Student Life Team

by Andy Rees

Underneath the Dining Commons in the Student Development Center (SDC), sits the offices of a unique department at RIT. In an eclectically cluttered workspace, the overtly friendly staff of the Student Life...

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