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Stephen Patterson's Contest Entry

"The Tragic Flaws and Falls of a Brilliant Mind" Just look at her face; it tells her life story. From her expression you can tell that science has been the only thing she has ever known, or ever loved for...


Kelli Smith's Contest Entry

We went to dinner, and there were so many things I intended to tell you - gradually, of course. I sought to be concise, articulate. I wanted to introduce myself in details, to match the elegance of the...


Jim Cottage's Contest Entry

Gregory was stationed in France and fled to the sewers when the Germans invaded. They would call him a coward, he knew, but at least he would still be alive. The sewer system offered not much by the way of...


Nick Smith's Contest Entry

God, my head hurts. The only thing worse is the ringing in my ears. On second thought, it's pretty dark in here, but this doesn't look like my bedroom. When did I go to sleep, anyway? Wait — where...


Rory R. O'Rourke's Contest Entry

I met him after talking to some old professor about some old assignment which, as it stood, was worth less than the whole of Ontology. He was also there to argue, confiding as much with an unnaturally wide...

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