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Word on the Street

by Josh Barber

“Coffee after sex.” -Ben Gilberg, third year Fine Art Photography “Tea and bacon.” -Mark Engelman, second year Microelectronic...



In Search of the Perfect Cup

by Michelle Spoto

With the various types of both natural and artificial creamers, sugars and flavors, everyone has their own coffee preferences. While this can be confusing enough, some connoisseurs even argue over which...



Starbucks Via

by James Arn

Instant coffee has long been the scourge of coffee aficionados worldwide. Often made from poor quality beans, it’s notorious for its subtle taste and aroma of burnt grass clippings. Now, Starbucks, the evil...



Coffee Wars on Campus

by Carolyn Dunne

Construction is ubiquitous around the RIT campus. From the buzz around the budding Global Village behind Crossroads to the four-story heaven being raised in place of the old Woodward Memorial Pool, this past...


Showdown: Coffee on Campus

by Carolyn Dunne

At RIT, there seems to be some degree of competition with everything we do. From soap box derbies to athletics to comparing grades with a friend in class, most of our extracurricular and even curricular...

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