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Book Review: "Stealing Faces" by Michael Prescott

by Danielle Delp

Novel | Horror | 544 pages. Rating: DIG IT! Dr. John Cray believes that a person’s persona is nothing more than a “mask” that can be worn away in the presence of mortal danger. To...



Review: "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson

by James Arn

Rating: Dig It! “Anathem” is long, it is dense, and it might just be the best bit of speculative science fiction this past decade. In his classic and formidable style, Neal Stephenson has managed to create a...



Review: "Decision Points" by George W. Bush

by Brendan Cahill

Book | Memoir | 481 pages Rating: DIG IT! “Decision Points” is former President George W. Bush’s attempt to explain his presidency. The book is divided into 14 chapters that make up two rough sections of...



Book Review: Carolyn Jessop's "Escape"

by Bonnie Greenberg

What would you do if you were forced to marry someone you didn’t love? What about someone you didn’t even know? That was the terrifying reality facing Carolyn Blackmore, who would eventually marry into the...



"The Autobiography of an Execution" by David Dow

by Michelle Spoto

DIG IT! In his compelling autobiography, David Dow describes his life as an attorney representing death-row inmates in Texas, the state that leads the nation in number of executed inmates since the...



Art Spiegelman

by Andy Rees

On Sunday, March 22, renowned graphic novelist Art Spiegelman will be speaking at RIT. He will be speaking at the request of Rochester’s Jewish Community Center (JCC). Originally, he was supposed to be the...



Review: So You Want to be a Wizard

by Jackie Fingerhut

Diane Duane Publisher: Magic Carpet Books Publication Year: 1983 Print price: $6.95 I’ve only ridden in a New York City taxicab once in my life, but one time was more than enough to engrave the...



Review: Outliers

by Adimabua Ofunne

Growing up, I remember my mother telling me I could be anything I wanted to be; I just had to put my mind to it and work hard enough and I would be great. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell’s...



Review: On/Off

by Laura Mandanas

On/Off, a horror novel by RIT alumnus Mike Attebery, tells the tale of Jamie Pepper, a freshman photography student facing early onset Parkinson’s Disease. After undergoing a risky...

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