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Pushing the Pedals with RIT's Cycling Club

by Jeff McKinzie

Biking is one of the most popular activities out there and comes with a slew of health benefits, including stress relief, better cardiovascular health, and an improved state of mind. It is also an activity...



Promised Progress - Status: Completed

by Ali Coladonato, James Arn, Adam Watts

In-depth research has confirmed that more than 25 percent of our student, faculty, staff and visitor population come to campus on bicycles,” says Randy Vercauteren, director of Parking, Transportation and...



A Wonderful Day to Save the World

by Michael Conti

Over 60 cyclists rode the distance from the downtown library to the Innovation Center at RIT on Saturday, October 24. Students and local community members rallied by the cry of “Climate Change Action Now!”...



The Legend of the Right Trails

by Derrick Behm

Have you heard about the Right Trails? If you are a BMX or a MTB rider, you probably just sighed and grumbled — or perhaps you stared at this with intense loyalty and love for the Right Trails. If you...


PATS To Create Urban Design Plan

by Joe McLaughlin

Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) is planning a comprehensive strategy for automobile, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic for the next five to ten years. As part of this strategy, PATS plans on...

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