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Beyond the Bricks

by Christina Belisle

Ad-Supported Kindle Available Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle e-reader has become the online store’s top item in sales, but its $139 price tag — or $189 for the 3G-equipped model — is still too expensive...



Beyond the Bricks: 02.18.11

by Christina Belisle

"Guitar Hero" Series Ends The popular rhythm game “Guitar Hero” is no more. Game development giant Activision announced in a press release that it has stopped working on the “Guitar Hero” game to be...



Beyond the Bricks: 02.04.11

by Christina Belisle

Egyptians Protest Dictatorship Days-long anti-government protests wracked Egypt. Echoing protests in Tunisia, dissidents denounced President Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic government. Protestors initially...



Beyond the Bricks: 01.14.11

by Christina Belisle

Coffee Spill Causes Emergency Landing The friendly skies turned a little scary on Jan. 3 when a United Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Toronto, Canada after experiencing problems with their...


Beyond the Bricks 12.10.10

by Christina Belisle

Newest WikiLeak Causes Multiple Problems WikiLeaks, enablers of anonymous document leaks, released the largest single dump of classified government documents in history. The documents reveal internal U.S...

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