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Press Play: Genevieve and B

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Artists Genevieve Williams, a third year Advertising Photography major on ukulele and lead vocals, and Brittany “B” McEntee, a third year Professional and Technical Communications major on ukulele and...


Press Play: Jack Swift

by Michael Barbato

Artists Jeremiah “JC” Mothersell, a fourth year Advertising and Public Relations major on vocals, harmonica, guitar and occasionally piano. Ben Sharon, a fourth year Electrical Engineering major on bass...


Press Play: Another One Down

by John Howard

Artists Andrew Lipovsky, a fourth year Visual Media major on lead vocals. Chad “Cokie” Lipovsky on drums. Casy Diaz on bass. Cory Diaz on rhythm guitar. Kyle Grimm on lead guitar. “The streets will fill...


Press Play: Without Question

by Michael Barbato

Artists Ryan Rovito, a third year Packaging Science major on vocals, bouzouki, rhythm guitar and harmonica. Abe Ruper, a third year Mechanical Engineering major on lead guitar and vocals. Marissa...


Press Play: Sheraan Mohsin

by Andy Rees

Artist Sheraan Mohsin, an acoustic guitar singer/songwriter and second year Computer Science major. With a tranquil tone and demeanor to match, Sheraan Mohsin is a man who belongs with a guitar. A solo...



RIT Produces Top-Ranked Rock Band

by Chukwuma Morah, Alecia Crawford

There are two types of people at RIT: Those who have fun playing a video game with plastic instruments and those who wonder why the first type is toying around with those silly, plastic instruments. Being a...



One Night with Zox

by Alecia Crawford

Who is ZOX? I was wondering the same thing until they came to perform at RIT. An indie band that is signed on to Side One Dummy Records, ZOX has traveled all over the world and has had over ten songs...

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