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Video Games as Art: The Emotional Connection

by Adam Watts

“If a hundred artists create art for five years, how could the result not be art?” said Tycho Brahe in the popular webcomic “Penny Arcade.” If you look up the word “art” in a modern dictionary, you will...


First Fridays

by Emily Mohlmann

Gallery r Gallery @ Record Archive More Fire Glass Studio Studio 34 Crocus Clay Works Studio 354 Renaissance Art Gallery Visual Studies Workshop Gallery One Fine Arts Gallery at Downtown Fitness...


Review: Mamma Mia!

by Alecia Crawford

When the keyboard started to play its ABBA medley, hearts started pounding with excitement, mouths began lip-syncing to the instrumentals, and toes began tapping to the pulse of the music. It wasn’t ABBA the...



The Gallery r Benefit

by Geoffrey H. Bliss

Partnering with The Strathallan Hotel, Gallery r’s ninth annual gala event celebrated work by RIT faculty, students, alumni and friends. Each ticket, priced at $109, admitted two guests who...

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