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Beyond the Bricks

by Alex Rogala

Jobs Steps Down as Apple CEO On Wednesday, August 24, Apple Inc. co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs tendered his resignation to the Apple board of directors, citing health concerns. Per his recommendation, Apple’s...


Beyond the Bricks 05.06.11

by Michelle Spoto

Iranian Government Discovers Computer Virus The Iranian government has recently uncovered a malicious computer virus potentially aimed at damaging government systems. While the specific purpose of the virus,...



Beyond the Bricks 03.25.11

by Emily Mohlmann

Protesters Rally Against Immigration Law Protestors gathered outside the Indiana Statehouse on March 15 to show their opposition to an immigration bill making its way through state legislature. The bill...



Apps Overload

by Christina Belisle

Adobe recently announced an online market for applications, commonly shortened to "apps," for its AIR platform. This would make it another option for consumers in the ever-growing app world. But what exactly...



Ipad Talk

by Emily Mohlmann

With the seemingly endless media coverage of the good, the bad and the ugly of Apple’s new iPad, most everyone should know what it is. Sifting through the information leads to one question: Is all this hype...



Tech Commentary: Mac Phenomenon

by Elvis Montero

We all love our iPods, right? That’s an understatement. It’s not just love; it’s zealotry. Take a look around, and you’ll quickly realize that iPods have become extensions of many students’ bodies. However,...

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