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3 Stars: Brian Walker

by Michelle Spoto

An intimidating presence, Brian Walker, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major, puts his incredible strength to use as a thrower for the RIT track and field team. During the winter's indoor season, he...


3 Stars: Katie Stack

by Alex Rogala

Katie Stack’s fascination with sports started when she began playing hockey at the age of three. By high school, she was playing both soccer and boys’ lacrosse, becoming the first female player to make her...


3 Stars: Mike McInally

by Evan Williams

When you step onto a wrestling mat, other sports strategies no longer apply. There’s no one to pass the ball to, no one to block for you, and no one to tend goal; it’s just you and your opponent. So when I...



3 Stars: Zach Miller

by Jeff McKinzie

Fifth year Mechanical Engineering major Zach Miller was in the fourth grade when he knew for the first time that he wanted to run. As a kid from Lancaster, Penn., he ran a halfmile race in gym class and never...


3 Stars: Jessica Schaffer

by Michelle Spoto

It’s mid-morning when I sit down with Jessica Schaffer, a sixth year Chemical Engineering major with a fifth year status. It’s her easy-going personality that keeps the conversation flowing. She seems lively,...


3 Stars: Jake Yates

by Ali Coladonato

Jake Yates, a fifth year Mechanical Engineering major, has played soccer ever since he was six years old. Coming to RIT, he knew he wasn’t ready to stop playing yet. “I remember the visit and everything. I...



3 Stars: Victoria Petko

by Sam McCord

Upon first impression, fourth year Environmental Management & Technology major Victoria Petko’s unflinching enthusiasm would likely be the first thing to strike your notice. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll...


3 Stars: Kristen Denninger

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Beneath her shy and kind exterior, Kristen Denninger, a fourth year Environmental Science major, is a soccer-playing fiend. In her time at RIT, she has played 73 games, and just last October 15, Denninger...



Three Stars: Michael Hardbarger

by Jack Reickel

Four minutes and 10.7 seconds. That’s probably the time it took for the average student in high school to run half a mile. But for RIT’s Michael Hardbarger, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major, that’s...

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