Three Stars: Tenecia Hiller

by Steven Markowitz, Kayla Emerson

After a Division III championship last year and the start of the switch to Division I this year, it has been an exciting year to be on the Women’s Hockey team. And for fourth year Biology major Tenecia Hiller,...



Having fun Dancing Tahitian

by Nicole Howley

I walk into the spacious room 1250 in Nathaniel Rochester Hall (NRH) to find the instructor and our photographer. The instructor is dressed in a blue, casual shirt and a purple, Hawaiian-looking skirt with a...


A Tough Loss Against Vassar

by Alyssa Jackson

AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” blared throughout Clark Gym, interrupted only by the pounding of basketballs and the squeaking of shoes. RIT’s women’s basketball team was about to play Vassar College Friday, January...



Women's Hockey Dominates Sacred Heart

by Ali Coladonato

Six players, six goals, stray pucks to a girl scout and a referee’s crotch, and all-heart play are just some of the ingredients for one solid, entertaining win. In a quarter-full arena, the Lady Tigers came...



RIT Hosts Three-Way Swimming Meet

by Danielle Delp

Between January 11 and 12, the Judson Pool was filled to the brim. Three teams were gathered for a massive competition featuring the men and women of RIT, SUNY Geneseo and SUNY New Paltz. Spanning two days and...

Fitness for the New Year

by Alyssa Jackson

We all know how it starts off; you make your New Year’s resolutions that involve being a happier and healthier you, and usually going to the gym. You go for a week or two, or maybe even a month, and then you...



The Voice of Rochester

by Kayla Emerson

The lights go down. The audience is eager; they know what happens next — they know every word. “Ladies and gentlemen…” the doors open and the players push onto the ice, “…here are your…” the anticipation...



A Downhill Battle

by Amanda Imperial

I recognized my interview subject right away by the gray “Alpine Ski” sweater she was wearing. I was in my rugby get-up, she and her companion casually dressed. From the beginning to the end of the interview,...


Women’s Hockey Annihilates Lindenwood

by Danielle Delp

Ritter Arena was full of energy the evening of Saturday December 15, when the Lady Tigers of RIT took on the Lindenwood Lady Lions on their home ice at Ritter Arena. The game was the Tiger’s first at home...

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