Sign of the Week: 3.11.11

by Evan Williams

"A new quarter! I can finally breathe."


Album Review: “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes” by Social Distortion

by Amanda Imperial

Rating: Dig it! A band birthed from sunny California, Social Distortion finally released the album fans had waited six years for. “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes” was released Jan. 18, donning their...

Game Review: Dead Space 2

by Brendan Cahill

Rating: Dig it! Isaac Clarke is not a happy camper. Three years after he stopped the gruesome necromorph infestation of the USG Ishimura, he woke up in a straightjacket. His reward for saving humanity?...


Did We Even Need Prop 19?

by Christina Belisle

During the November elections in California, over 4.6 million voters had their opinions heard. Constituting 46.5 percent of the voting population, their intention was to make cannabis legal. Though the measure...

Internet Media Piracy and COICA

by Danielle Delp

Internet file sharing is a common occurrence in the modern world. Online sharing networks like Mediafire, Rapidshare and 4Shared allow anyone to upload any kind of media or program for free public download...


Album Review: "The End of Days" by Abney Park

by Adam Watts

Rating: Dig It! “The End of Days” is a steampunk-themed concept album from Seattle-based indie rock band Abney Park. It’s the sequel to the story of their previous album, “Lost Horizons,” wherein the band...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

by Adam Watts

The first soldier officially discharged from the American military for homosexuality was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. Such dismissals were an unofficial military policy from 1778 until the...


FAIL: 11.12.10

by Brendan Cahill

It’s tough to know for certain what happened here. Was it the result of a night of revelry gone horribly wrong, the first sign of the impending zombie apocalypse, or just an abandoned car? Either way, the...


America's Water Supply

by Adam Watts

The Ogallala Aquifer, or the High Plains Aquifer, is a huge underground water table aquifer, stretching underneath eight different states. It is one of the largest aquifers in the world, supplying about thirty...

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