Game Review: Duke Nukem 3D

by Brett Slabaugh

Retro Video Game | 3D Realms | $5.99 Rating: Dig It! Duke Nukem is the original bad boy of gaming. Long before “Grand Theft Auto” started raising controversy over its ethically ambiguous gameplay, the Duke...


Movie Review:Battle: Los Angeles

by Brendan Cahill

Movie | Science Fiction | 116 Minutes Rating: Skip It!

Sign of the Week: 3.18.11

by Evan Williams

Winter's here! See you on the slopes.


Egypt Revolution Follow Up

by Brett Slabaugh

Three months ago, a suicide in the Middle Eastern nation of Tunisia sparked a chain of radical protests against the inept government, and before long, a full-blown revolution was underway. This Jasmine...


Through the Fog: Crime Demystified

by Kristen Maslanka

Television crime-solving hits such as CSI, Bones and NYPD Blue have indoctrinated modern minds into believing that murders, thefts and other crimes can be solved in the course of an hour-long episode. Of...

Trouble in Tunisia

by Brett Slabaugh

Since the colonial era, there has only been one successful Arab revolution in the Middle East. But that count has just been bumped up to two. In mid-December last year, Mohamed Al Bouazizi set himself on fire...


Game Review:Dance Central

by Danielle Delp

Video Game | Harmonix Music Systems | $49.99 Rating: Dig It! Dancing video games have come quite a way from the old days of “Dance Dance Revolution,” as shown by “Dance Central” for the Xbox 360. The game...


Winter Blues: Seasonal Affective Disorder

by Steven Markowitz

The winds roar down the Quarter Mile, the snow falls nonstop day and night, and the temperatures are in the negatives. Winter weather at RIT is rough. Add to that the pressure of classes and the lack of...


Industrial Engineering Graduate Dies in Tractor Accident

by Madeleine Villavicencio

Rochelle Nicolette Perry, an Industrial & Systems Engineering graduate of 2010, died in a tragic tractor accident on the afternoon of Thursday, March 11 in Waterloo, Iowa. An employee of John Deere,...

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