Final Steps to the Semester Conversion

by Juan Lachapelle

The countdown to the semester conversion is ticking away as enrollment, scheduled to begin April 15, draws near. Strong involvement from RIT’s colleges, students and faculty have contributed to the final...


SG Update

by William Hirsh

At the February 15 Student Government (SG) Senate meeting, the Student Information System (SIS) committee gave a presentation detailing student feedback on the state of SIS. SG Vice President Sarah Thomas and...

Wind Power

by Alyssa Jackson, Crystal Mendoza Paulin

On February 11, students within the College of Applied Science and Technology debated the nations shift to wind energy. The debate was the brainchild of Professor Larry Villasmil from the Department of...


by David Utt

Rudicon 2013 Student Alumni Union (SAU). Starts at 5 p.m. Gamers, Geeks, and Guilds Oh My! The annual gaming convention is back running Friday to Sunday. Convention events include open gaming tournaments,...

Beyond the Bricks

by Juan Lachapelle

Originally set to roll out last November, the Copyright Alert system, aka “Six- Strikes,” was officially implemented on February 25 by AT&T, Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner and Comcast in coordination with...



Benjamin Zukoff, A Tree Still in Bloom

by Juan Lachapelle

"God causes a tree to grow overnight, to grow and to give shade to Jonah. And then as suddenly as the tree had grown, it suddenly disappears. It was there one moment, with its life affirming vitality and...


by Crystal Mendoza Paulin

CLUBS GOT TALENT Ingle Auditorium. 6 - 8 p.m. RIT’s diverse clubs battle to show off their talents, snatch the winning title (it’s all about the bragging rights, you know) and the grand prize of $500!...

SG Update

by Alex Rogala

At the February 8 Student Government (SG) Senate meeting, a team of Software Engineering students presented an update on the development of the AskSG information inquiry system. Once completed, AskSG will...

Uniting the Commuters

by Alyssa Jackson

While most college students opt to live in the dorms or on-campus apartments during their years at RIT, a select group of students choose to live at home or in their own apartments. To combat some of the...

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