At Your Leisure

by William Hirsh

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.” -Margaret...

Website Review: tubalr

by Nadia Pierre-Louis

First, we had Pandora and Spotify among many others and now there’s Tubalr. The latter is set apart from these other internet radios and music search engines because not only does it allow you to enjoy music,...

App Review: Zamora Time

by William Hirsh

A procrastinator extraordinaire, I’ve long struggled with focusing on the tasks at hand, often wasting what little of my 24 hour day I can feasibly use. Stumbling upon Zamora Time, a productivity app for my...


Procuring the Produce

by Michelle Spoto

With the smell of fresh-baked empanadas in the air, the vivid colors of the vegetables and the uplifting music of an accordion, every one of my senses piqued as I walked past the market stands. The combination...



by Crystal Mendoza Paulin

Three large drums are set at a dramatic 45 degree angle on Ingle Auditorium’s stage. Three more, one large and two far, smaller drums stand further back onstage. The lights dim and vibrations rock the...


At Your Leisure

by William Hirsh

In 1998, a group of students at MIT hacked the university’s homepage to show that the school was bought by Disney. The PRANK unraveled because the asking price of $6.9 billion was found to be too cheap for the...

Pencil Review: Uni Alpha-Gel Kuru Toga

by Amy Sanderson

Price: $14.13 “Once you buy this mechanical pencil you’ll never want to buy another pencil again.” Whenever I go to Japan, some of the main things I shop for are pens and pencils because of the amazing...

Bar Review: The Landing Strip

by Justin Claire

There’s a sign in the window of The Landing Strip, a neon number boldly advertising Land Shark Lager. In spite of this, you won’t find it on tap or in a bottle – when pressed, the bartender admitted it was a...



Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

by Nicole Howley

I saw more boobs last Friday than I have in my entire life. While they aren’t something I generally seek out, at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival (REAF) last weekend, there were quite a few exposed pairs...

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