Handling the Heat

by Rob Shook

Training to fight fire.



A Man of the People

I can proudly take you in a car around the city of Rochester and point out the concrete examples of some of the work we did when I was mayor,” says William Johnson, distinguished professor of public...



Paranormal Investigations

by Steven Markowitz, Peter LoVerso

It was unmistakable. Listening back to the recording several hours later, the words were clear as day. Standing in Penfield, N.Y.’s Ellison Park deep into the night, the PX machine, commonly used to attempt...


Enjoying Fear

by Amanda Imperial

Recently, there has been much talk about the fictional persona known as Slenderman, an urban legend that started on the internet and has grown tremendously popular. According to the story, someone or something...


The Internet's Revolution

by David Utt, Christina Belisle

“Opinions are invaluable,” says Taylor Deer, a fifth year Business Management major and Student Government (SG) president. “Opinions could be someone walking into our office and saying ‘SG, you suck.’ And...



Word on the Sreet

by William Palmer

“Yeah, because I’m always packing heat.” -Kelsey Wagner, Fourth year Advertising Photography “Oh no, That’s very dangerous.” -Aaron Harrison, First year Film and...


How Not To Get Eaten By Zombies

by Brett Slabaugh

A good percentage of RIT students will have already put some thought into this question. I know I have. Still, our collective preparations don’t hold a candle to those of Max Brooks, distinguished zombie...



Signing Across Languages

by Steven Markowitz

On May 12, 2009, poets from around the world gathered at in Washington D.C. for the first ever White House Poetry Jam. Among the performers was Joshua Bennett, one of two finalists in HBO’s “Brave New Voices,”...


The Big Bang's Beat

by Kayla Emerson

The dancers stared hopelessly toward the ceiling, watching as one of their props flew away into the air. A balloon drifted towards the rafters. The balloon — no, more than that — the star was beyond grasp. The...

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