Combating the Cold

by Emma Rogers

The resonating sound of your alarm clock jolts you from sleep. You roll out of bed and look out the window to check the forecast for the day before putting on a jacket and heading outside. Almost...


This is Vegan?

by William Hirsh, Nicole Howley

Two writers — one a meat- lover and the other a veggie — decided to try out some oddball vegan dishes ranging from tofu ice cream to fake-meat garbage plates. Each with their own unique perspective, they...



The Apocalypse: RIT and You

by David Keith Gasser, Nicole Howley

The End is nigh. No seriously. Why are you laughing? Oh, fine; I guess you’re right. We’ve all made it through the December 21 apocalypse mostly unscathed, or else you wouldn’t be reading this... Well, at...


"In the True Mad North..."

by Jonathan Foster

If you are reading this, I congratulate you. You have survived the predicted apocalypse thus far. I can only guess as to the condition in which my words find you, but I hope that they may give you hope and...



The Institute's Dough and Where It's Baked

by Ali Coladonato

What do you spend your money on? Food, clothing, school supplies or entertainment — nothing too fancy with that limited college-student budget. Some weeks Dad might wire you some money so you can get something...



Enhancing Rochester Through Entrepreneurship

by Nicole Howley

Despite RIT’s name, the school is not located in Rochester. In fact, there is very little interaction between students and the city that the school is named after other than occasional TE3 rides to the bars...


Staying Local

by Adam Watts, Emma Rogers

Whether you’re anticipating the RIT graduation date that will send you off into that notorious “real world,” or you’re a first year student trying to grasp the fundamentals of your major, the job market has an...


Living Croatia

by Michelle Spoto

Recently, I have found myself speaking in over-used clichés. I’ve been saying things like, “It was the best experience of my life!” or, “It was life-changing.” Normally, I try to avoid these trite sayings...


The International Student Experience

by Nicole Howley

This is a likely price for a round trip to India over Thanksgiving break. For winter break, the cost is even higher; a plane ticket then can cost an extra $1000 or more. In addition, the travel can take a full...

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