Mindful Meditation

by Madelaine Britt

I want each of you to fall asleep at least once in this class. If you don’t, I’m not doing my job.” The floors of the Student Life Center dance room were lined with RIT students. Lying on spongy yoga mats,...


RIT and Adderall

by Alyssa Jackson

As finals week looms menacingly on the horizon, some RIT students are beginning to wonder how to fit friends, work, homework, and exams into their limited time. Some students already know the answer. Although...


A Mix for Any Situation

by Michelle Spoto

Quick to make and easy to store, trail mix can be a healthy on-the-go snack. However, too much dried fruit can drive up sugar content and nuts, although packed with protein, are typically high in calories. If...



Getting on the Grid

by Nicole Howley

The IT Collaboratory is filled with monitors, wires and students working on large computers. For someone who knows little about technology, it is quite overwhelming but the layout on one of the monitors is...


The Information They Keep

by Nate Arrowsmith, Nicole Howley

Scattered across campus are a plethora of data storage devices that hold information about prospective, current, and former RIT students. These records range from mundane academic advisor notes to significant...



Promoting Privacy

by Angela Freeman

After the Patriot Act was first signed into effect by President George W. Bush closely following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, many were worried about the effect it could have on their privacy. As the...


Dance Like Everyone is Watching

by Steven Markowitz

The mood was electric. Music was pulsing. Lights were flashing. Free energy drinks were given out at the door. People were ready to watch some high energy competitive dance. On January 18, over 250 people...



Succeeding With Style

by Nicole Howley

The classroom was filled with a feeling of resignation and a low level of grumbling. It was five minutes after class was supposed to let out, and my teacher was about half way through his stack of papers...


The Foundation of an Education

by Ali Coladonato, Angela Freeman

As RIT gears up for spring enrollment there’s a question every student should pause and consider: What makes a teacher good? Having a good professor can make all the difference in a course, whether by helping...

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