Giving Back After Graduation

by Danielle Delp, Alyssa Jackson

“I had a lot of great opportunities throughout my life,” said RIT alumnus David Kraines over the phone. “I got to go to RIT, get a great education, and receive a lot of opportunities that not everyone gets. I...


Lost Classes

by Kayla Emerson

Unfortunately, true gems of classes sometimes get lost to time. Some of these classes are sensible, others whimsical. But schedules and departments change, or student interest wanes, causing classes to no...


Having Class

by Nicole Howley

“Generally registration has gone pretty smoothly. I mean obviously I don’t always get all the classes that I want or that I need. But just the biggest thing was that they didn’t offer the class I needed this...


LGBT Club Comparison

by Krista Bellardo

At RIT, there are many clubs dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities and their allies. The four main LGBT student organizations are OUTSpoken, Tangent, Spectrum and...

Allies and Accessability

by Nicole Howley

RIT’S Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) organizations have worked hard to unite a campus and raise awareness of the issues facing the community today. To further these goals, members of the LGBT...



Increasing Access Through Technology

by Nicole Howley, Jeff McKinzie

In the Deaf community, there’s a commonly used expression: “bridging the gap” — trying to make communication more accessible between deaf and hearing people. In the Deaf community, recent technology has been...

Starting the Conversation

by Nicole Howley

“In this past week alone, I’ve had three new clients, Deaf students, who have experienced rape,” said Erin Esposito, the executive director of Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims (ASADV) and lecturer at...

Distorter 2013


Distorter Lives on in Margie's Basement

by Suoiciled Yllagigam The staff of Distorter has had a buzz in recent times and the office is awash in spirits, which is a vast improvement from the sullen melancholy that followed our Editor in...


Wrestler Named Sexiest Man of the Year

by Ema Nymton RIT’s own dreamy President Wrestler has been presented with the title of Sexiest Man of the year. Wrestler is a sensual, banjo-playing cat enthusiast from a small town in Oregon. He enjoys...

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